Use Cases

This page describes common uses cases that can be built around the Armory Stack.

Resources to Secure

Secure Access to Wallet Keys Held in the Vault

The following sequence diagram illustrates how a client can securely request to sign a message using wallet keys stored in the Armory Vault. In this scenario, the Vault is acting as a Key Manager.

Secure Access to Your Application

The sequence below demonstrates how to implement secure access to your application using the Armory Stack. This process involves obtaining an access token from the Armory Authorization Server, which then allows the client to securely interact with your application.

Web3 Example Use-cases

Deploy AA Wallet-as-a-Service

[Coming soon]

Deploy MPC Wallet-as-a-Service

[Coming soon]

Build a TX Relayer

[Coming soon]

Build a Custodian or Wallet Tech

[Coming soon]

Crypto Banking

[Coming soon]

Market Makers

[Coming soon]

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