Open Source

Why We Embrace Open Source

Enhancing Security through Transparency

Open source software (OSS) inherently boosts security by making the source code accessible for review and contributions from a broad community of developers. This openness allows for continuous auditing, rapid identification, and remediation of vulnerabilities, significantly enhancing the overall security posture of the ecosystem.

Reducing Vendor Lock-In

Open sourcing prevents the dilemma of choosing between secure key management and the high switching-costs associated with proprietary systems. By releasing our full core functionality as open-source -- not simply the SDKs -- we ensure that users do not have to choose between compromising on security and being at the whims of the operator of opaque systems.

Maximizing Development Efficiency

Releasing our work as open source fosters a higher return on investment through community contributions and collaborative development. This approach not only accelerates innovation but also ensures that our projects benefit from diverse perspectives and expertise, leading to more robust and versatile solutions.

Supporting Open Standards

By publishing our projects under open source licenses, we seek to foster adoption of open standards. This facilitates interoperability and integration within the broader ecosystem, attracting a wide range of contributors and accelerating the evolution of our projects and related technologies.

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